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When I was first born, things looked pretty shaky. After a month or so, they took a decided uptick and the trend was positive for the next eight years or so. Then six or seven years of a jumble of good and bad things, culminating in a very bad thing. A couple of years later, another very bad thing, followed by a string of three or four years of bad things mitigated by many good people. Then a dip down followed by a prolonged slow but steady rise in fortunes. Interrupted by a couple of very good years, punctured by another very bad thing. Some bumbling about for a year or so, then a return to the steady rising of fortunes. For the foreseeable future, I gotta wear shades.


martial arts, movies, books, religion, philosophy, politics, science, sociology, game theory, policy, evolution, texas politics (totally different from the regular kind), discourse and dialogue that leads to better understanding even if it doesn't lead to a meeting of the minds.