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December 16, 2009


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i dont know why, but the sentence "Jesus survived into his thirties, the poor schlimazel" made me lol

the column was pure brilliance. so well written. and no one i know would actually get it. not counting you obviously.


Yeah, she's pretty consistently spot on and a real pleasure to train with. As to folks not getting it, you are most likely correct.

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Heftig, ich h├Ątte niemals gedacht dass das in der Tat wirklich funktionieren kann :)

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she uses those powers to consider vulnerability in terms of Jesus and his becoming human and Christmas all wrapped up in a healthy dose of what in the hell was he thinking when he agreed to be human?

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Also ich denke dies ist eh nur ne Mode

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I don't agree with everything in this written piece, but you do make some very good points. Either way it absolutely was a highly thought out and great read therefore i decided I would leave you a comment.

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